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We are discontinuing frequent updates on the air regarding Hurricane Michael as it continues on its way back out to sea in the mid-Atlantic.  The flood of information coming into the Country Legends Radio Broadcast Center from the National Weather Service, Levy County Emergency Management, Dixie County Emergency Services, and other sources has slowed to a trickle.  We will continue to post updates and general information on our Facebook page along with photos and video we receive that may be of interest but will break into programming should any urgent bulletins be issued

 Suncoast Radio, Inc., as the licensee of WLQH FM & AM in Chiefland and WZCC FM & AM in Cross City, still believes in the provision in the Communication Act of 1934 that defined public broadcasting as we know it today. Basically, in return for use of the broadcast spectrum broadcasters were required to operate in the “public interest, convenience, and necessity”. We do NOT own our frequencies, just “rent” them from the FCC in the form of our radio licenses. The original 1927 Radio Act went even further stating “…the station itself must be operated as if owned by the public…It is as if people of a community should own a station and turn it over to the best man in sight with this injunction: manage this station in our interest”. I hope we have lived up to that standard over the past several days.

We are honored to work with your dedicated public officials whose job is to keep you and your families safe in times of disaster. Our airwaves are always open to them in times of need. Radio has always been the medium of choice for the dissemination of essential information in near real time and at no cost to the recipients. Thanks go out to our very small staff. Ken Hutson, our play by play sports guy did double duty as our social media guy posting lots of information on our Facebook page. Tina Berger, our webmaster, did her best keeping this website updated even though she lives in coastal Levy County and was under constant threat of storm surge. I literally lived at the station these past few days taking in all the information and condensing it into short reports that we aired throughout the day and night.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those directly and indirectly impacted by Hurricane Michael and who will be picking up the pieces for some time to come.
John Elliott, President
Suncoast Radio, Inc.
Country Legends Radio